Mirror, the farther you are away from,

The longer the distance between you and yourself.

Only if you walk towards it, get closer, much closer

Step into it,

And become the mirror......


The light disappears when you’re in the front of the mirror, leaving everything in darkness…You fall into emptiness and your body is out of control. Fear assaults you, followed with danger, despair, frustration and loneliness, putting you on the verge of abyss…until you have the sight of the mirror again under the long-lasting glimmer. 


This is a dream created by ourselves without any context. We may feel cruel and cold in it but don’t need to cuddle up to each other for warmth as we are the fire itself. In the dream, in the mirror under the light or darkness, life is growing, dreaming and suffering. There is no emotional upset for the bygones, no fear of the unknown, no restraint of ration and no boring logic. Time has become fragments here, countless scattered present, present, present... at our fingertips. We burn wildly before this clean mirror, emerging release and connection constantly and indulging in the loneliness linked up to the universe.  


Fifteen years ago, we met and said that we were the mirror of each other. Since then this mirror has lain in our hearts. As time goes by, it might become a bit fuzzy, and shine not as bright as before. But when we get close again, the only remaining glimmer is eternal... It always exists, there... This mirror enables us to stay in the present and look into the future in the past.


We have started taking a photo of each other every day since 2017, just like watching ourselves naked in the mirror every day. The danger of exposure had the power of mysterious attraction. In front of the mirror we cried, laughed, roared, meditated, unleashing all the enthusiasm and turning it into ashes. We grew as much as we could and lived full of every day as the last day we had, brilliant days. We were still pure, as simple and dangerous. Two years, 730 days, 1460 pieces of irrelevant photos, which will remain in our lives forever. 

This may be just a dream from which I don't want to wake up. It is an adventure of two children.  We mutter, maybe not very clear, maybe the tone is weird, but we are addicted to it, so obsessed with the adventure and the unique beauty as well. We enjoy indulging in it and the unknown journey has just begun.


In front of the mirror, we have a favorite poem engraved on our arms.


Day destroys the night,

Night divides the day.

Tried to run,tried to hide

Break on through to the other side